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Foundry Orders To Place

SUROS ARI-41 Omolon Thesan FR4 Häkke Strongbow-D Häkke Aoife Rua-D Omolon Uzume RR4

Field Test Weapons

Weapon Task
Auto Rifle Suros prototype. Make precision kills to gather data for the Suros research department.
Fusion Rifle Omolon prototype. Use in the Crucible to gather data for Omolon's weapons developers.
Hand Cannon Omolon prototype. Make precision shots to gather data for Omolon's weapons developers.
Pulse Rifle Suros prototype. Use against Vex targets to gather field data for the Suros research department.
Sniper Rifle Häkke prototype. Make double-kills with this weapon to gather data for Häkke's armament scientists.


  • Curious about what to look for with your orders/drops? This Gunsmith God Roll Table from /u/bileguzzler can help.
  • For even more depth, check out this fantastic guidefrom /u/uncleyosh
  • Gunsmith test weapon progress is deduced based on your weekly progress. If you held back weapons from a previous week, or finished any gunsmith quests, this number may not be completely accurate.
  • If you want to help gather community data on the gunsmith package rolls, please use this Chrome Extension which, among other things, anonymously aggregates everyone's vendor rolls.